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Qualified EPC

We are committed to provide users with professional power solutions, reliable performance of equipment, optimization of project management and perfect A-Z service.



According to the basic requirements from the clients, SOMEC's design institute will provide feasibility study, preliminary design, and complete project engineering services for our customer including project plans, P&I drawings, detailed drawings as well as equipment list after careful configuration calculation, which will guarantee the flexibility and reliability of the project.



Among hundreds of manufacturers, the most reputed and suitable one(s) always be selected for our customers, SOMEC keeps technical communication with them and guides/supervises the QA/QC and schedule track throughout the manufacturing process, which is one of the key sections of our EPC project optimization.
Professional goods packing/protection, ship loading/unloading, sea transportation and reasonable shipment by lots can strongly match up with the overall project schedule.



As a member of China international Contractor Association and authorized with construction permit by Indonesia government, in turnkey project, SOMEC will dispatch senior engineers, skilled workers and supervisors to implement installation, commissioning & running test and other site services, which will guarantee the schedule and quality of project.




SOMEC has a professional and experienced project team, which has always been highly regarded by the customers/partners:


● PLN (Persero):They are one of the reliable Chinese suppliers with best systematic QA/QC procedure.
● One of JO partners:They have the best team I had ever met in my 40 years working experience.
● Djajanti Group:SOMEC is the main supplier for our projects for the past 20 years, they are trustworthy.