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Thermal Power Plant

As the main business of our company, we are dedicated to promoting the Chinese power plant products in the overseas market in the last decade. Relying on the Chinese mature power plant technology and products, as well as our company’s overseas project experiences, we have implemented successfully many EPC projects, complete plants, single equipment supply, and technical services in the small & medium sized power plant fields. (Below 50MW).

Power / Cogen
Thermal power plant usually can be divided into pure condensing power plant and cogeneration power plant. Pure condensing power plant only supplies electric energy. It is built to supply the electricity to the government grid or used as the captive power plant for private company. Cogeneration power plant not only can generate the electricity but also can provide different quality of steam at the same time, which is widely used in all kinds of industries.
Coal / Biomass / MSW
The kinds of fuel used in thermal power plant are diversified. In addition to traditional coal, thermal power plant also can take various types of biomass as fuel. In recent years, there are rapid developments of the power plants taking the garbage as fuel, which has obtained great economic and social benefits.
Thermal power plant boiler can be divided as follows: CFB boiler, stoker boiler, biomass boiler, pulverized coal boiler, garbage boiler, etc.
Our company also can supply all kinds of industrial boilers.
Turbine & Generator
Turbine & generator set can be divided into pure condensing type, extraction type, back pressure type and extraction & back pressure type. They can meet all kinds of electricity and steam requirements.
Our company has also developed a turbine generator set dedicated to captive power plant of palm plantation (Output voltage: 400V). Simple structure and reliable performance, which is highly praised by the clients.
Besides the main equipments of boiler, turbine and generator, thermal power plant also consists of many auxiliary systems, such like coal handing system, slag & ash handling system, circulating cooling water system, chemical water treatment system, HV & LV electrical system, DC power source, DCS control system and instrument system, etc.
Most problems of thermal power plant during operation will arise from the auxiliary equipment/system side due to the large quantity. Therefore, we will pay more attention to the auxiliary equipment/system during project execution.