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Customer: MPFI
Project: Quinine Sulphate Production Line
Country/Location: Rangoon, Myanmar
Project description: 2x2200kg/yr Quinine Sulphate production line
+ other pharmaceutical facilities
Customer: Premier Industrial Chemical Manufacturing Co. (Pvt) Ltd.
Project: Industrial Alcohol Project (Molasses)
Country/Location: Pakistan
Project description: + 100,000Ton/y Industrial Alcohol Production Line
+ 10,000Ton/y High Purity Liquid CO2 Production Line
+ 15,000Ton/y Glacial Acetic Acid (CH3COOH) Production Line
Customer: Djajanti Group, Indonesia
Project: Plywood Production Line
Country/Location: Liberia
Project description: Plywood production line
+ 6000kW diesel generating sets
+ Industrial boiler, etc.
Customer: Djajanti Group, Indonesia
Project: 48 units of fishing boats + 2 units of shrimp boats
Country/Location: Indonesia
Project description: Equipped with refrigerating units from Mexico
Customer: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Project: Steel structure, platform
Country/Location: Japan/Australia/China
Project description: Qualified supplier for steel structure, platform, etc.
(In part under contract processing)
Customer: Customers from several countries
Project Export business
Country/Location: Philippines, Italia, Sweden, Russia, Singapore, Australia etc.
Project description: Cement mixer, lathe, forging & casting parts, tools, etc.