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Mini Hydro Power Plant

In recent years we are working on Mini hydro power plant with unit capacity less than 15MW. It has many advantages such as mature technology, little impacts on the environments and availability for mountainous country with rich water resources. As an important supplement to thermal power generation, mini hydro power plant has both good economic benefits and significant social effects.

The Mini hydro power plant mainly includes Francis type water turbine, generator with automatic control system, valves and auxiliaries. Francis type water turbine has advantages of compact structure and high efficiency. The generator, valves and auxiliaries can be selected according to actual requirements. Our equipment in mini hydro power plant meets IEC standard and has been installed according to instructions, to ensure reliable operation.

With adequate experiences in hydro power projects, we will take a proposal of 3*2.1MW hydro power plant as an example to show a complete configuration of a mini hydro power plant.

Configuration Parameter

Design Net Head: H=90.6m
Design Discharge: Q=3×2.72m3/s
Installed Capacity: 3×2100kW
Generator Outgoing Voltage: 6.3kV
Grid Voltage: 20kV

Scope of Supply

Sr. Name Specification\Description Qty. Unit
Water Turbine, Generator and Auxiliary Equipment
1.1 Francis type water turbine Horizontal Francis type, speed 750rpm, runner material 0Cr13Ni4Mo. Including:
Water guide mechanism, speed governing mechanism, runner, expansion joint, bent draft tube, conical draft tube, anchor bolt, fixtures, etc.
Runner, impeller and impeller blade are machined by CNC(higher efficiency and easy future maintenance).
3 Sets
1.2 Generator SFW—K2100—8/1430
Power: 2100KW; 750rpm; silicon controller excitation, 6.3KV, 50Hz; F/F insulation, power factor 0.8, horizontal type, includes rotor, stator, bearing assembly, base, main shaft, anchor bolt fixtures, etc.
3 Sets
1.3 Microcomputer excitation
Exciting power unit, exciting regulator, dry type exciting transformer, panel and accessories. 3 Sets
1.4 Speed governor (with oil
pressure device)
PLC controlled; intelligent PID, separated type; including oil pump, oil tank, HP gas tank, digital valve, servomotor, cabinet, etc.
3 Sets
1.5 Water intake Valves Motorized butterfly valve, including valve body, actuator, bypass valves, expansion joint, flange, connecting bolts, etc. 3 Sets
1.6 Water system      
1.6.1 Cooling water system Water from turbine volute to cool generator bearings. Including 3 sets cooling water filters, piping, valves, elbows, joints, etc. 1 Set
1.6.2 Temperature measuring
brake control cabinet
Temperature measurement and alarm, speed measurement and alarm, and brake control 3 Sets
1.7 Special tools Special installation and dismounting tools for water turbine, impeller, generator and speed governor. 3 Sets
Microcomputer monitor, protection and automation
2.1 Computer monitoring
Operation station, display, voice alarm system, UPS power, GPS clock, communication manager, operation system, development software and monitor software. 1 Set
2.2 Automation components Water level sensor, braking system (controlled by oil pressure), shear pin, shear pin annunciator, temperature elements, volute inlet water pressure gauge, draft water vacuum pressure gauge, draft water vacuum breaking valve (auto), cooling water flow indicator 3 Sets
2.3 Unit LCU Local control unit, data collecting and pre-processing; synchronization, over-temperature protection, over speed, low frequency, speed measurement, automatic synchronization, automatic frequency & power adjustment, automatic excitation increase & decrease, generator automatic measurement (3 phase current, 3 phase voltage, active power, reactive power, frequency, COSψ, active KWh, reactive KWh, generator temperature, etc), 3 Sets
2.4 Common LCU 2 sets of transformation protection (differential protection and backup protection), multi-functional feeding line protection, switchgear signals, power station auxiliary system signals acquisition, and transformer & outdoor line metering. 2 Sets
6.3KV indoor HV system
3.1 Generator outgoing CB
Generator VS1 CB cabinet (including CT)
Synchronization, current metering, and emergency cut out
3 Sets
3.2 GeneratorPT cabinet Voltage measurement and signal acquisition (excitatory transformer is installed inside) 3 Sets
3.3 Generator neutral point
Tail end current transformerLZZBJ9-10 18 Pcs
3.4 Bus-barPT cabinet   1 Set
Power station auxiliary power system
4.1 DC power supply      
4.1.1 DC charging & feeding
panel battery pack
220V/100Ah, 12V / 17 Festival micro-computer DC system monitoring device, high frequency switch rectifier power supply, dual power switch, AC/DC sampling box, micro-computer insulation monitor, battery petrol detector, metering instruments, and feed line unit220V/100Ah,12V/17 pcs 1 Set
4.2 AC power      
4.2.1 Diesel generator Backup power supply 1 Set
4.2.2 Station distribution panel DZ47-32 air switch, circuit breaker, current transformer 1 Set
20KV outdoor HV system
5.1 Main transformer S11-5000/20,20KV/6.3/KV Y,d11 1 Set
5.2 Main transformer S11-2500/20,20KV/6.3/KV Y,d11 1 Set
5.3 Circuit breaker ZW7-40.5/T1600 (with CT) 4 Sets
5.4 Isolating switch GW5-22G/630 5 Sets
5.5 Isolating switch GW5-22G/630 2 Sets
5.6 Fuse RXW0-22/0.5 (3 pcs/group) 2 Sets
5.7 Fuse RXW0-22/4(3 pcs/group) 1 Set
5.8 Transformer for auxiliary
LV voltage:400V;HV voltage:20KV
1 Set
5.9 Potential transformer JDJ-20   20KV/0.1KV 2 Sets
5.10 Potential transformer JDJJ2-20 
20KV/ √ 3 0.1KV/ √ 30.1KV/3
  3 Sets
5.11 Lightning arrestor HY5WZ-42/134(3 pcs/group) 2 Sets
5.12 Metering device MODEL data transmission Withepoxy outdoor type PT andCT 1 Set
6 Spare parts and special tools
7 Hoisting equipment for power station
8 Air compressing system
9 Oil supply system
10 Drainage system
11 Ventilation system
12 Firefighting system
13 Outdoor lighting system (by Owner)
14 Administration and living facilities (by Owner)
15 Maintenance workshop and laboratory (by Owner, if necessary)
16 Security guard and monitoring (by Owner)