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Energy Saving New Tech
Energy Management Contracting
Energy management contracting (EMC) is a commercial operating mode by providing the energy saving renovation services so as to regain investment and benefits after energy saving company and the client sign energy saving service contract.
Mechanical Vapor Recompression
Mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) is a technology by circulating utilization of secondary steam energy generated from evaporator itself.
Ice Thermal Storage Technology
Ice thermal storage technology is a complete set of process and equipments using electric power to make and store ice during off-peak night time and to deliver the stored ice as cold source to air-conditioning system during peak day time in order to meet the peak load needs of air-condition.
Box Type Microwave Vacuum Dryer
Microwave vacuum drying machine, a new type high efficiency drying technology, is mainly applied for cold-drying of thermal-sensitive solid materials such as traditional Chinese and western medicine.