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About Us

Shandong Overseas Machinery & Equipment I/E Co., Ltd. (SOMEC) was developed from the Overseas Projects Dept. of Shandong Machinery & Equipment I/E Group Corporation*, and jointly set up with some certain energy enterprises, which is dedicated to the operation of international EPC projects/complete plants.

In last decade, SOMEC has enjoyed rapid development in electric energy projects, and successfully provided complete power plants as well as equipment/system/parts/service to overseas customers, such as:

  (JO) EPC Projects Sub-Contractor or Equipment / Service Supply
  SOMEC,OVERSEAS PT. Poeser Indonesia / PT. Lombok Energi SOMEC,OVERSEAS PT. Basuki Pratama Engineering
  SOMEC,OVERSEAS PT. PLN(Persero)(BBL Project) SOMEC,OVERSEAS Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  SOMEC,OVERSEAS P T. Great Giant Pineapple SOMEC,OVERSEAS T. Uttam Galva Metallics Limited
  SOMEC,OVERSEAS Zedtee Plywood Sdn. Bhd.  
  SOMEC,OVERSEAS PT. Surabaya Mekabox  

Being one of the earliest in operation of overseas projects, since 1990s, we provided various products and services for a good number of domestic and foreign users, including:

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries / Main supplier for steel structure, shipbuilding platform, etc.
China Ministry of Railways / Qualified Supplier for electrified railway cable, overhead lines, etc.
Qingdao & Tianjin Municipal / Main Contractor for coal gasification projects
Djajanti Group, Indonesia / EPC contractor for cold storage, ice-making plant on its eight aquatic bases
Djajanti Group, Indonesia / Main supplier for fishing boats, diesel engines and diesel generating sets, etc.
Djajanti Group, Indonesia / Main supplier for one shipbuilding line in Indonesia
Premier Industrial Chemical / EP contractor for ethanol production line of 100,000tons per year
Myanmar Ministry of Industry / EPC contractor for quinine extraction plant, other pharmaceutical facilities
( Details refer to Reference )

With support from the group corporation and higher authorities, awarded with the international engineering qualification issued by China Ministry of Commerce, we are ready to provide you the best service and share the success of every project.

* Shandong Machinery & Equipment I/E Group Corporation established in the year of 1978, state owned.