Boiler, as one of the three main equipments in thermal power plant, supplies heat source for whole power plant, which could be called as "heart" of power plant. It is extremely important for the model selection.

Our company has strategy cooperation with many large-scale boiler manufacturers, such as Jinan Boiler Group. We have promoted CFB boiler, stoker boiler, biomass boiler and some Industrial boiler to be used in many power plant projects abroad. With reliable operation and high efficiency performance, our boilers are highly praised by our customer.

Being technically supported all the time by National key and professional Scientific Research Institutions, the development and production of Chinese boiler has been more than 50 years. Meanwhile, in the recent 20 years, we have step by step learned and introduced advanced technology of some boiler models from Denmark, Finland, USA and other countries. Together with strong production capacity and complete test facilities, Chinese boiler not only satisfies huge demands at domestic market, but also become quite competitive in international market. According to user's requirement, our boiler can adopt China National Standard (GB Standard), ASME Standard or Europe Standard.

Generally, Power Plant Boiler and Industrial Boiler types are as follows:

I. CFB Boiler

CFB Boiler was introduced to market application in the 1980's. Because its fuel (and desulfurizing agent) is combusted repeatedly at low temperature with desulfurization reactions under the fluidized bed condition, it is a new generation of multiple-effect, low pollution, clean combustion boiler.

Outstanding features of CFB boiler are as follows:

Wide adaptability of fuel (all kinds of coal quality); clean combustion (high efficiency, desulfurization, reducing emission of NOX); excellent performance for load adjusting; comprehensive application of ash & slag.

Our company is one of the earliest companies who have introduced Chinese CFB boiler (below 130t/h) to the international market. We have a lot of CFB boilers applicated in many power plant projects abroad, which have brought great economic and social benefits to the clients.

II. Stoker Boiler

Stoker Boiler belongs to traditional boiler type. Feature with mature technology, simple structure, reliable running and easy operation, stoker boiler accounts for a large proportion among the boiler size of 75t/h and below. According to coal quality and working condition requirements, the user can choose clockwise rotation grate type, counter-clockwise rotation grate type, spreader stoker type and other types.

Stoker Boiler is especially suitable for small power plant with good coal quality. The installation is simple and auxiliaries are less. Operation is easy and stable, and the management and maintenance is relatively simple. Therefore, the initial investment and operation expense is relatively lower. Our company has installed a lot of stoker boilers for many overseas power plants, for instance, 2×40t/h Spreader Stoker Boiler for 2x7MW coal mining captive power plant in Indonesia, and 1x 75t/h Waste Wood Chip Firing Stoker Boiler for the plywood factory in Malaysia etc.

III. Biomass Boiler

Biomass boiler is new type of energy-saving & environment friendly products which is highly promoted by every country in the world. Jinan Boiler Factory as one of strategic collaboration partner with our company is the biggest biomass boiler manufacturing base over the world.

Biomass boiler type is defined by fuel, for which the fuel range is wide, usually the fuel is including waste wood chip, bagasse, straw, rice husk, and palm waste material etc.; also coal & biomass mixed fuel is included.

Biomass Boiler, according to combustion feature of biomass, is developed from CFB Boiler or Stoker Boiler. For example, bagasse is usually suitable for combustion in stoker boiler; straw is suitable for combustion in vibrating grate boiler; wood chips are suitable for stoker + air distribution suspension combustion; palm waste is suitable for combustion in the reciprocating grate or CFB boiler etc. According to each biomass feature, we will choose appropriate boiler and provide optimized design.

Our company can supply combustion test of biomass for users so as to measure the combustion performance precisely.

IV. Pulverized Coal Boiler

Fuel of pulverized coal boiler is grinded coal powder, of which the combustion inside furnace is more sufficient; therefore, the efficiency is the highest.
Pulverized coal boiler need a set of fuel preparation equipment, namely, coal milling system to grind the lump coal to fine coal powder. This will increase a part of investment and operation cost.

Generally speaking, the capacity of pulverized coal boiler is above 130t/h, and is suitable for large scale power plant project, so as to realize input-output ratio.

V. Garbage Boiler

Daily garbage handling capacity: 100t/d - 1000t/d

According to feature of city garbage, after sorting treatment, special CFB boiler or reciprocating vibrating-grate boiler will be selected to combust the garbage. The process will effectively dispose the garbage as well as acquire heat energy or electrical energy.

VI. Other Boiler

In addition to above-mentioned boiler types, the HRSG, alkali recovery boiler, and coal-fired & oil-fired industrial boiler supplied by our company have been widely applied in various industrial and mining companies.