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Turbine & Generator

Based on traditional technology, as well as the imported technology from Siemens, Alstom and ABB in recent years, the turbine and generator made in China reach the same level of world-class product and China is becoming the manufacturing base of the steam turbine & generator unit in the world. Chinese steam turbines & generators have been exported to all over the world including Europe and America.

Steam Turbine


Steam Turbine is a kind of external combustion rotary machinery which can convert steam thermal energy into mechanical work. After steam from boiler enters into steam turbine, it passes a series of ring type of nozzle and movable blades by sequence, which converts thermal energy of steam into the rotating mechanical energy of steam turbine rotor. Steam in turbine converts energy in different way, constituting steam turbine with different working principles.

Traditionally, the components and system of steam turbine is divided into three categories:turbine proper, governing system and auxiliary equipments.

Turbine proper: include casing, rotor, diaphragm, blade etc.

Governing system: include pedestal of bearing, bearing, regulator, steam inlet valve etc. components, control oil system and lubricating oil system etc.

Auxiliary equipments: include condenser, HP and LP heater, extractor etc. and return heating system, shaft sealing system and vacuum extraction system etc.

Steam Turbine adopts advanced fully 3D flow passage design technology, reasonable structure, and excellent performance. Regulation and control of steam turbine adopt whole hydraulic control system or electro hydraulic control system, meanwhile equipped with different function of safeguard devices, which guarantees safe and reliable operation of steam turbine.

Steam Turbine is mainly divided into condensing type of steam turbine, extraction type of steam turbine, back pressure type of steam turbine, and extraction – back pressure type of steam turbine etc.


Type Standard Power Main Feature
Condensing type 0.75~3MW, 6MW/7MW
12~30MW, 50MW/135MW
Widely used in Government Power Plant, Independent Power Plant; Small Steam Turbine also could be used for driving auxiliary equipments.
Extraction Condensing type 3MW, 6MW, 12MW, 15MW
25~35MW, 50MW~135MW
In addition to drive generator to generate electricity, the extracted steam is for industrial processing usage.
Back Pressure type 0.75~3MW, 6MW
12~25MW, 50MW
Exhaust pressure can be decided as per the different requirement of the user, which is widely applied in the chemical factory, paper mill, sugar mill etc.
Extraction – Back
Pressure type
12MW Extraction plus Back Pressure - two types of steam supplying method, suitable for user who needs two different steam parameter at the same time.
Garbage Power Plant Steam Turbine 6~12MW Specially designed and matched for garbage power plant

(Above-mentioned types are standard model, which can be adjusted and re-designed as per the requirements of the clients)



Base on different working principles, generator can be divided into DC Generator, Asynchronous Generator and Synchronous Generator. At present, most large scale Generators are all Synchronous Generators.

The three phase Synchronous Air Cooling Generators mated with a lot of Steam Turbines and Gas Turbines, capacity from 1500KW to 15000KW, air cooled, adopt AC brushless excitation with permanent excitation auxiliary exciter, and are equipped with digital high accuracy automatic voltage regulators. It also could adopt co-axial DC excitation or static excitation. Generator consists of stator, rotor, bearing, cooling system and excitation system.

Many generator partner factories of our company have advanced testing method, and a lot of advanced testing equipments, which can satisfy the requirements of raw material acceptance and product manufacturing process, meanwhile, can also meet the demands of developing new products and implementing all kinds of technical research.

Generator manufacturing adopts advanced machining equipment, including imported CNC six-shaft insulation package machine, VPI full immersion equipment, slot milling machine for rotor, CNC lathe, silicon steel sheet, deburring machine and other key processing equipments.

For satisfying whole performance test of Generator, large professional generator test station are equipped to take the Generator Ex-Factory Test, which will ensure comprehensive performance test.

Special Recommendation

2MW back pressure steam turbine generator set with 420V direct outgoing voltage developed by our company for palm oil mill, suitable for superheating steam and saturated steam, with compact size, convenient operation, firstly originated in our country, has already been operated successfully in Malaysia.