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Box Type Microwave Vacuum Dryer

Main Application

Microwave vacuum drying machine, a new type high efficiency drying technology, is mainly applied for cold-drying of thermal-sensitive solid materials such as traditional Chinese and western medicine. To a greatest extent, it maintains the processed material original ingredients, color, flavor and shape as well as quality. Having features of quick-drying cycle, high efficiency, heat uniform, easy to control and installation, it meanwhile has being widely used in agriculture industry, aquatic industry, biological engineering, chemical industry and material industry etc.


As many articles are not suitable for drying under high temperature conditions, such as pharmaceutical products, chemical products, nutrition and ginseng, pilose antler etc. which of high-grade Chinese medicinal herbs, in order to ensure the quality of the products, the drying process must be under 100℃ or under room temperature conditions. As everybody knows when the atmospheric pressure reduces the boiling point of water also reduces, such as at one standard atmosphere (101.3 kpa) the boiling point of water is 100℃, and at 0.073 atmospheric pressure (7.37 kpa) the boiling point of water is 40℃. In the vacuum condition, the internal moisture in the heated object can be evaporated without rising itself temperature. Due to the thermal convection is difficult to carry out in the vacuum condition; it only depends on the thermal conduction to provide heat energy. Thermal conduction speed of conventional vacuum drying method is slow and low efficiency, it is also hard to control the temperature as well as the temperature difference will occur in the internal and external of the heated materials. While the microwave vacuum drying is under vacuum conditions, materials is heated by microwave on a rotating disc, microwave heat the material directly, in this way both internal and external of the materials can be heated at the same time, dispense with the thermal conduction or thermal convection to realize the fast and high efficiency drying.


1. Energy saving and high efficiency:

It is very difficult to use the thermal convection way to transfer energy in the vacuum condition for the conventional vacuum drying machinery, it can only adopt thermal conduction way while heating speed is very low, drying period is long and energy consumption is large. Microwave drying machinery adopts radiation energy transfer medium, it is overall heating for the object, no need other heat transfer media, avoiding the above shortcomings, so its heating speed is fast, high efficiency, drying period is greatly shortened, reducing energy consumption. It is more than four times of working efficiency compared with conventional drying technology.

2. Uniform heating:

Since the microwave heating is the material been heated internal and external simultaneously, the temperature difference is small, it will never occur the temperature un-uniform between internal and external of heated material which is easy happened in the conventional heating, so the drying quality is greatly improved.

3. Easily control:

1) Automatic calculation of microwave working time, only need to input several basic parameters of the material, the machine can compute out the power of microwave and drying time needed, once the time out the material can be taken out.

2) Automatic balance function can keep liquid material in the horizontal all the time, solves the technical problem of material tilting, disc colliding and overturned.

3) Equipped with electronic monitoring device and vacuum mirrors double hole structure, which can be used for real-time observation and monitoring material status, to know the features and drying level so that people can control and operate better.

4) The machinery has the advantages of small volume, convenient installation and repairation.

4. Output products better quality:

Compared with the conventional method, the qualities of the output products are greatly improved. Microwave vacuum drying machine has the function of disinfection, sterilization, the output products are safety and hygiene.

5. Environmental protection:

Microwave vacuum drying machine does not discard "three wastes" (waste gas, waste water and waste residue).

Technical specification

Model KWZG-06 KWZG-10 KWZG-15 KWZG-20 KWZG-25 KWZG-30 KWZG-35
Wave frequency
Total power
< 10 < 15 < 25 < 30 < 35 < 40 < 50
Wave output
4.8-7.2 8-12 12-18 16-24 20-30 24-36 28-42
Rotating disc
Wave leakage
< 3
Flow of cooling
>10 >15 >20 >25 >30 >40 >50
External dimension
for reference
1.3x1.15x1.65 1.66x1.4 x1.85 1.66x1.65 x2.05 1.86x1.75 x2.15 1.9x2.05 x2.5 2.1x2.05 x2.5 2.3x2.05 x2.5


Microwave vacuum drying machine can be designed according to customer specific requirement and characteristics of material to be processed.