Besides BTG Island, one complete power plant also has a lot of related auxiliary equipments including water/steam system, electrical system and control system as the three main auxiliary systems (coal handling system, ash & slag handling system could be considered as scope of Boiler Island). Based on our company's experience on overseas projects, there are more problems arising from the auxiliary equipments/ materials side instead of BTG side during power plant installation & operation since the auxiliary equipments/materials are numerous and miscellaneous. Then, the minor problems sometimes seriously affect the whole project schedule. This is because contractor and owner always pay more attention to the BTG equipments, but neglects the auxiliary equipments & auxiliary systems.

Our company thinks highly of the importance of auxiliary equipments and auxiliary systems all the time. We have the detailed calculation on auxiliary equipments /materials selection from the very beginning of design. We always adopt the higher side rather than the lower side for the standard equipment technical parameter selection. The same happens for the class and standard selection of auxiliary materials. Considering the quantity of equipment interfaces, we always reserve some margins for the amount of piping and standard parts so as to assure no failures at all during site erection.

Water / Steam System

• Source of water treatment (boiler water) is recommended to use fresh water (river water, lake water, well water etc.), which could save investment in water resource for user.

• Circulating cooling water flow is large, so it could use river water, lake water and other natural water resource; Power plant beside the sea could also use sea water. Cooling water system could be open type or close type.

• Safety shall be highlighted for the main steam system and adopt the optimized solution as far as possible to reduce heat loss.

Electrical System

Electrical system usually includes electrical main connection, main distribution devices, service power connection and arrangement, DC system, relay protection and automatic devices, etc. The manufacturing and test of electrical equipments adopts International IEC standard. We already have decades of mature design, research & development, and manufacturing experience with excellent operation record.

Control System and Instrumentation

Small & medium sized power plant usually adopts more advanced centralized control method, which carry out the BTG centralized control on the thermal equipments and auxiliary system in the main building as well as the electrical system (generator main loop, HV and LV service power of main building). One CCR is set in the main building. Water treatment station and coal handling system adopt Central Control (PLC) together with local control; meanwhile it can realize the communication with DCS. Main equipments in the water intake pump house are incorporated into DCS, and the balance of equipments adopts local control; Ash & slag handling system is also incorporated into DCS, and some equipments adopts local control; Water intake pump station sets I/O branch station, and adopts the combination method of local and centralized control.

Equipment Related

The following equipments & systems manufactured in China are enjoying the performance/cost advantage, which can be supplied to the customer together with the power plant package or separately.

Steel Structure

Full experience of steel structure from design, fabrication, inspection and erection.

According to the usage and the requirement of customers, the steel structure can be welding connection type or bolt connection type.


With awareness of environmental protection, the old-fashioned dust collect equipment is far from meeting emission requirements. The new type of electrostatic precipitators (ESP), bag filter dust collector have gradually becomes the mainstream.

Based on the flue gas flow, dust content and emission requirements, a number of different types of ESP have been supplied to overseas customers.

Coal Unloader / Jetty

Coal unloader is mainly used in small & medium coal unloading jetty, which can be used to unload the coal from the vessels or barges to storage yard.

SOMEC can also supply the coal conveyor with different capacity and distance.

Sea Water Pump

It is widely used in the sea water circumstances, such as power plant constructed by the sea, sea water desalination plant, and aquaculture, etc.

Sea water intake piping system with different sizes and lengths could also be supplied.

Power Plant also has the Fire Fighting System, Ventilation / AC, Communication, other production and living facilities.