Conductor wire is hanging on the tower by insulator and used for transmitting electric energy. Wire used for overhead transmission lines are generally divided into: aluminum conductor steel reinforced (ACSR) and aluminum alloy conductor steel reinforced (AACSR).

Aluminum conductor steel reinforced (ACSR)is a strengthen type wire which monolayer or multilayer aluminum wire strand in external galvanized steel core wire. The function of steel reinforced is mainly increasing strength and the function of aluminum conductor is mainly transmitting electric energy. ACSR has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low cost of line building, large transmitting capacity, and it can be laid across rivers, valleys and other special geographical conditions. It has the characteristics of good conductivity,sufficient mechanical strength, strong tensile strength and the pole distance amplification. Therefore, it is widely used in various voltage class of overhead transmission line.

Aluminum alloy conductor steel reinforced (AACSR) is a strengthen type wire with monolayer or multilayer aluminum alloy wire stranded in external galvanized steel core wire. It includes steel core composed of steel wires and multilayer aluminum alloy wire spiral winding around the steel reinforced core. Each layer of aluminum alloy line consists of many single lines and each of the two adjacent spiral layers of aluminum alloy wire is wound in opposite directions.

Because this new model of AACSR adopts the steel core structure, then the tensile strength is higher and the ability to resist natural calamities is stronger.