Line Hardware

On the high voltage power transmission line, the tower, insulator, wire, ground wire and other electrical equipments are connected and integrated into the complete transmission system as per the design requirement. All the parts which are used in the transmission system are generally called line hardware.

According to performance and application of line hardware, it is mainly divided into the following five types:

1. Suspension clamp is used to hang the wire on the insulator string and hang the ground wire on the cross arm.

2. Strain clamp is used for fastening the terminal of wire and fixing the wire on the tension insulator string. It also can be used for ground wire terminal fixing and clamp anchoring. Fastening hardware bears all the tension of wire, ground wire and clamp.

3. Connection hardware is used to connect the insulator string with tower, other hardware and insulator string, and bear the mechanical load.

4. Wiring hardware is used to connect various wire and ground wire. Most connecting hardware bears all tension of wire and ground wire. The wire connecting hardware also takes the same electrical load as the wire does.

5. Protection hardware is used to protect the wires, insulators and other hardware from mechanical vibration, electrical corrosion and other damages.