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Energy Management Contracting


Energy management contracting (EMC) is a commercial operating mode by providing the energy saving renovation services so as to regain investment and benefits after energy saving company and the client sign energy saving service contract.

The best advantage of this mode is to upgrade and renovate the existing projects with small fund from the owner and to share the extraneous benefits (higher efficiency, higher productivity, lower operating cost etc.) with service provider.

The EMC service of SOMEC mainly aims at thermal power plant project, such as energy audit, project design, project financing, equipments supply, equipments erection and commissioning, training, capacity confirmation and guarantee, etc.

Operation mechanism: EMC provider will undertake the responsibility of the whole energy saving process such as project audit (assisting the owner), design, financing, construction, management etc. In the course of contract implementation, the return on investment and reasonable benefit of the EMC provider will be paid by the earning from energy saving benefit and meanwhile the service provider will manage the entire project such as equipment maintenance and energy saving inspection etc. After the end of contract, provider will hand over all the energy saving equipments to the user and to provide the training accordingly etc. The users will manage the system by themselves.

We have provided the new type of EMC service to overseas power plant owners. The owner will be able to benefit almost zero investment, zero risk and long-term benefits from the EPM service.