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Mechanical Vapor Recompression

Mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) is a technology by circulating utilization of secondary steam energy generated from evaporator itself.

Solution in a falling-film evaporator will be circulated within heating pipe circulating pump. Primary steam uses fresh steam outside of the pipe and heats the solution to produce secondary steam and the generated secondary steam will be drawn by turbo booster fans. The temperature of pressurized steam is increased, and then the steam enters into the heating room as heat resources to be evaporated. It will be continuously circulation evaporated and the evaporated water will finally become condensate water which will be discharged.


Mechanical vapor recompression uses the secondary steam which generated from evaporator and increases its pressure, temperature and enthalpy through compressor and sends it to the heating room of evaporator to be used as heat steam which the feed liquid can maintain boiling condition and the heat steam will become condensing water. Thus the primary steam which will be disposed can be used sufficiently and increases the heat efficiency, decreases energy consumption and reduces pollution.


1) High heat efficiency, energy saving, low consumption;
2) Low running cost;
3) Clean energy without pollution;
4) Simple process, practical, part of load with excellent operating features;
5) Running stable, high level of automation;
6) Able to evaporate under 40℃ without cooling system.