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POME Oil Recovery System

POME is kind of highly concentrated organic wastewater which contains soil organics, oil & grease, suspended solids, soluble salts, etc. Suitable treatment on POME not only can reduce environmental pollution, but also recycle useful material inside. Based on the characteristics of POME, we specially developed an oil recovery system, which can recycle oil & grease from POME to achieve considerable economic benefits.

After discharging from Owner’s three-phase centrifuge, the POME (contains about 1% oil) flows into our Oil Recovery System for further treatment. After that, the oil content of POME will drop to   0.4%, that is, about 0.6% palm oil will be recovered from the POME.
High concentration POME from Oil Recovery System returns to three-phase centrifugal separator for further separation.

The oil recovery system has advantages of integral delivery, quick installation, simple operation and reliable running. The ROI period of this oil recovery system is quite short, which will bring great economic benefits to the owner. Take a palm oil mill with capacity of 45t/h as example, the daily returns will be as follows,

Oil recovery per day:
15t/h POME (three-phase centrifuge outlet, ~1% oil) × 0.6 % (CPO recovery rate) ×24h=2.16tons
As per average market price (USD570/ton), the daily returns is:
2.16tons × USD570.00/t = USD1231.20


Meanwhile the oil content within the POME will be reduced after this process and which, as a result, will facilitate the process of wastewater treatment. Our company can also provide the complete palm oil wastewater treatment system & equipment including biogas producing and utilizing system & equipment.

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