As a professional EPC company, SOMEC has reliable consulting and engineering ability, and is willing to provide clients with comprehensive solutions of power plants.

The technical team includes members of Chinese experts-database, specialists with decades of experience in design or operation, middle-aged and young-aged engineers who are proficient in power plant systems, as well as budgeting team in cost accounting and control. Relying on years of experience in power plant projects at home and abroad, we can provide clients consulting services such as feasibility report, rechecking of proposal plans/drawings, guidance for project implementation, guidance for power plant operation, etc.

Our power plant solutions not only refer to the optimization of systems/equipment of its own, meanwhile, environments such as terrain, fuel resources, water resources will be synthesized. For example, one of the cogen plants we built in Malaysia, the plant layout is recommended to be in line with the shape of mountain and greatly saves the civil cost; another cogen plant we built in Indonesia, the fuel is selected to be low-quality coal mixed with biomass, which significantly reduces the user's operating cost.

In short, the consulting work from SOMEC is very thorough and detailed, which will ensure the successful implementation of the project while minimizing user's investment and operation costs.


Strategically cooperated with some well-known Design Institutes in China, SOMEC has established the technical center dedicated to overseas projects and accumulated rich experience. We are familiar with the international standard/design styles and easily understand the ideas of the foreign clients.

The fields of design services include medium-and-small sized thermal power plant (coal/biomass/MSW), HRSG plant, geothermal power plant, wind power station, substation, power transmission grid, etc. we can also provide design services for chemical enterprises.

Scope of design work mainly covers general plan/layout, P & I drawings, system drawings, civil drawings, erection drawings, amended drawings (if necessary), as-built drawings, as well as the equipment/material list attached with calculation data. All the drawings follow international KKS code system to ensure them accurate, complete and clear. 3D design or 3D-aided design could be provided according to owner's requirements.


SOMEC can provide owners with the supervision services for project implementation, including: rechecking and correction of design drawings, supervision of civil work and/or installation, improvement methods or eliminating defects of the projects and so on.

The supervision engineers have years of experience in power plant design, construction and operation, most of them have a long time abroad working/living experience and are good at communicating with the owners or the construction parties.