O & M


For some overseas users, after their power plant being built and put into operation, they may find there are some problems arising from the operation process, such as unstable running, frequent start-up/stop of automatic protection device, low efficiency, short life of some parts, or even failure of some systems, which mainly caused from the improper operation of the local operators due to lack of knowledge/skill or unfamiliar with Chinese equipment.

Though the automatic control systems of the whole plant is at a higher level today that may reduce lots of artificial factors, the operators still need to be skillful and familiar to the equipment/systems after a period of training and practice. During this period, we could provide operation service or assistance (long-term or short-term) to ensure the safety and smooth operation, and achieve the reasonable index of the power plant.

Assistant operation has been provided to a number of power plants (built by SOMEC and other contractors). Members of the team are mainly from Chinese power plants and they are skillful in the operation of every system. The team can also comply well with the laws, regulations and customs of local country.


Same as any other processing plant, the systems/equipment of power plant needs to be maintained regularly.

The overhaul work mainly relates to the boiler(s) and steam turbine(s). Except to the regular maintenance, comprehensive maintenance for boiler(s) including pipe cleaning, replacement of parts shall be done after one year or two year's running (the duration is quite different due to fuel and boiler type); while comprehensive inspection for steam turbine(s) shall be done around every five years to determine the structure deformation, bearing's abrasion, etc.

We are able to provide perfect maintenance services with professional testing/detection facilities, accompanied with detailed plan and schedule before each test, and track running situation of the power plant for a period to evaluate maintenance effect.