Spare Parts

We are one of the reliable SPARE PARTS suppliers from China for all and every system / machinery / equipment / facility / material in the power plant, including standard and non-standard parts, components, fittings, instruments, etc.

Years of experience in power plant makes us familiar with the systems / equipment and their components, taking advantage of branch offices and service points domestic and overseas, the communication with clients and the necessary investigation to site will be much convenient, that can ensure the correctness and accuracy of the supplied cargoes.

Professional logistics and documentation can ensure the timely cargo receipt by the clients.

A number of power plant owners and/or their agencies from Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Turkey and other countries have designated procurement of spare parts from SOMEC.

With many years’ experience on engineering, we have established strategic partnership with a lot of auxiliary factories, qualified exporter for OEM. Such as Valves, we are the overseas exclusive agent for Qingdao Power Plant Valve Co., Ltd which is a domestic well-known manufacturer, more details for valve can be viewed on their website