Upgrade mainly aims at some old power plants with aging equipment and/or obsolete configuration, or power plants which need modification to the combustion devices due to fuel change or modification/change of any other production system.

In order to make the upgrade work successful and meet the owner's requirement, we will study the detailed configuration and running conditions of the power plant planning to be modified, troubleshoot the failures and defects, evaluate upgrading possibility/feasibility and then report to the owner our suggestions and solutions.

Usual upgrade includes:

● Adjustment of boiler combustion for adapting to the new fuel or increasing production capacity.

● Replacement or maintenance of the furnace membrane, superheater and economizer for improving the thermal efficiency.

● Increase or decrease the capacity and/or parameters (temperature and pressure) of the steam extraction.

● Install frequency converter to the auxiliary equipment such as ID fans, FD fans and pumps to reduce energy consumption.

● Increase DCS control points to the existing equipment to strengthen the automatic control and reduce the artificial factors, achieve the interlock of each systems and equipment.

● Modified with new dust removal equipment to meet emission standard.

To upgrade an old power plant has an even higher requirement to the contractor than to build a new power plant, it requires not only the experience in project implementation and power plant operation, but also the well understanding of the working principle, structure and characteristics of each equipment/system in the power plant, so as to find the most practicable solution and reach the upgrading target: increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption or save operation cost.

Give us an old power plant, we will return you a new one!