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Biomass Combustion Test

Biomass recycling projects are developing very fast in recent years and strongly supported by most countries, and the usual modes includes: biomass combustion power generation, biomass gasification, biogas, wood charcoal, paper pulp and so on. But which one is the best choice for a certain biomass, the test by a specialized lab is necessary.

SOMEC has strategic cooperation with Chinese key biological laboratory, can provide clients with a variety of biomass combustion tests, and the related analysis report for the testing sample(s) will be submitted with data and combustion characteristics. It will be helpful for the clients to determine the most suitable usage of their biomass resources.

Combustion test mainly relates to the biomass (wood chip, palm waste, bagasse, rice husk, etc.) planning to be combustion usage or gasification usage, the data could guide the optimization of the equipment selection.