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2016-12-22 PLTU 4 BBL (2X16.5MW) Power Plant #2 Unit Performance Test Successful Completed

Today November12, 2016 is another special day for The PLTU 4 BBL (2X16.5MW) Power Plant, as the #2 unit performance testcompleted at 02:10am successfully, the performance test is recognized by all parties at site and the whole power plant is under the celebration!

Based on confirmed performance test procedures, the SOMEC site commissioning teamexecuted every performance test items successfully through two weeks hard working by overcoming every kind of difficulties. The performance test including: the auxiliary power consumption and public, ESP efficiency, Boiler and Turbine MCR twice, 50%MCR, 75%MCR, HP heater cut, 105%BMCR etc. various condition test and data acquisition.

The complete of performance test is an important millstone for the project, after which the 2# unit will get into the stage of guarantee period after taking over to the owner.