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2016-05-18 PLTU 4 Babel (2x16.5MW) Power Plant #2 Unit Load Rejection Test was Completed Successfully

Load rejection test is part of commissioning test for power plant to check whether the unit can withstand the sudden loss of load and keep itself stable house-load. So it is necessary test for the unit to ensure its safety and long term operation.

The PLTU 4 BBL (2x16.5MW) power plant has conducted the 50% load rejection test dated May 13, 2016 and 100% load rejection test dated May 16, 2016. The two load rejection tests were completed successfully and the site commissioning team got the owner PLN and SECTOR recognition. 
The successful completion of the load test marks the PLTU 4 Babel #2 unit turbine governor system meet the long term operation condition. So up to now the PLTU 4 Babel #2 unit all the necessary technical tests are completed, and the next #2 unit will forward to the RR operation which will be lasted for 15 days.