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2016-04-08 Successful Synchronization of #2 Unit PLTU 4 BBL (2X16.5MW) Power Plant

The big screen in CCR room displayed that the generator had undertaken initial load 2.00MW at 04:12 on 2th April 2016, the PLTU 4 BBL (2X16.5MW) Power Plant synchronized to Indonesia State Grid successfully for the first time! This marks the #2 unit formally enters into the synchronization commissioning phase, the unit has the capability to generate power.

BBL project #2 boiler ignited fire at 10:00 on 1th April smoothly, the turbine started to run at 14:30 and it reached the rated speed of 3000RPM at 18:15, after which the site commissioning team orderly completed turbine mechanic over-speed test, generator tests, excitation device test and finally the false synchronization test. During the above test period the #2 unit running stable, all the subsystem status well and its parameters correct, so under the command of the chief schedule of our company with the cooperation of the owner and local power department the #2 unit synchronized to State Grid success formally!
In order to ensure the synchronization success, the site whole commissioning personnel completed the whole unit start-up strict accordance with the set of unit start-up scheme with rigorous scientific attitude by overcoming various difficulties, close cooperation with each other. The successful synchronization is another important millstone for the project; this successful will encourage the site commissioning team to finish the target of RR test, 15days of operation and unit performance test.