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2016-02-23 PLTU 4 BBL (2X16.5MW) #2 Unit Steam Blowing Activity has Successfully Completed

There is news coming from PLTU 4 BBL Project that the #2 unit Boiler steam blowing activity has successfully completed on February 22, 2015. During the steam blowing period our company site commissioning team had overcame multiply difficulties and always kept close coordination with the JO and the owner PLN.

The purpose of the steam blowing activity is to get rid of impurities such as rust, welding slag, sand etc. from the inner walls of main steam pipelines. Therefore, steam blowing is necessary activity for the new boiler to guarantee the economical and safe operation of the turbine in later days. 
Thanks to PLTU 4 BBL Project #1 Unit continues under operation by the operation company with assistance of our site commissioning team, the total blowing-out steam times of this time #2 unit steam blowing activity were 105 times and the activity without any pause. After being inspected and verified by all involved parties, the mark particle on the target plate and quantity all conformed to the standard requirement with qualified K coefficient (more than 1).
Thus the steam blowing activity of #2 unit was qualified, which marked the preparation work of #2 unit boiler side was finally completed, and after the recovery of pipeline the site commissioning team will try to synchronize #2 unit as soon as possible.