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2015-05-14 Successful Completion of 15 Day’s Reliability Run Test for PLTU 4 BBL (2x16.5MW) Power Plant #1 Unit
On this day May 13TH 2015 the owner of PLTU 4 BBL (2x16.5MW) Power Plant PLN have confirmed and declared that the #1 Unit Reliability Run Test has been completed successfully after 360 hours continuous safe running.
Thanks to the tireless efforts and hardworking of every operator, workers and the owner leader who has been offering amicable cooperation, the #1 Unit can complete reliability running smoothly.
During the Reliability Run Test period, 96 hour Maximum Continues Run at full load 16.5MW also completed and the result of Reliability Run is also satisfaction for contract requirement.
The successful of reliability run test marks the #1 unit has the ability for continuous running and the #1 unit is ready for commercial operation after the complete of performance test.